The layout and building of walls of new rooms, floors, roof, exterior doors and window openings. To DONE RIGHT THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PHASE OF BUILDING. When framing is complete and correct the location of the rooms, windows doors, plumping, and electrical will be easier for the next phases of building. Any all correction should be made at this phase. It is of the utmost importance that the homeowner and contractor take time to review this phase at completion. This is the time that you should be able to visualize your new room, addition or home. Any changes can be made relatively easy at this time. When this phase is complete and everyone is satisfied your new home will be ready for close in.

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"Kevin and John have done work on two of our homes over the past 6 years. They did an excellent job adding a bedroom, full bath with two double walk-in closets. Great rates, stayed on budget and didn't exceed the timeline." - Kevin Rideoutt

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